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Covid Cleaning

B E Global, Inc has been out front combating COVID-19 since the virus made its first appearance in the US in February 2020. In conjunction with a panel of recognized third-party hygienists, we developed industry-first remediation protocols utilizing CDC and EPA compliant hospital-grade disinfectants.

B E Global, Inc’s Disinfecting Protocol:

Compliant with CDC and EPA guidelines Utilizes hospital-grade disinfectants.

Environmentally friendly

Applied pursuant to the manufacturer's recommendations.

We are living in a time where sanitation and government-issued cleaning procedures are of the utmost importance, our COVID-19 cleaning service sends a reassuring and confidence-building message to your guests, occupants, residents, tenants, and employees.

Types of COVID-19 Cleanings

Precautionary Cleaning

Cleaning is preventative in nature and intended to maintain safe surfaces.

  • All employees are required to wear proper PPE attire.
  • Cleaning agents are applied to common and high touch areas.

Suspected Case Cleaning

Cleaning is for locations where there is a reasonable suspicion that the virus is present.

  • All employees are required to wear proper PPE attire and a disinfection chamber will be utilized to prevent possible cross-contamination.
  • Comprehensive disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, equipment, and upholstered furniture.

Confirmed Case Cleaning

Cleaning is for locations where the virus or a person having the virus is or was present.

  • All employees are required to wear proper PPE attire.
  • All surfaces potentially contaminated with the virus will be sanitized with EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Steam cleaning & deodorization of upholstered furniture.
  • Electrostatic fogging technology, if recommended.

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